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Ryan and Missy are here to move your sedentary world!

We have a combined 20 years experience in the health industry helping people get out of pain, lose weight and get stronger.

We are fortunate enough to work with hundreds of amazing people teaching movement as a way to heal and feel their best.

As the health crises deepens, we’ve made it our mission to meet you where you are with the courses and training to help you achieve the long-term results you desire.  Get their full story here.

“I have had lower back pain for 15 years at a pain level of 8-9 out of 10. I’ve worked with Chiropractors and done PT but my pain always came back. After working with Missy one time, my pain went down to a 3! Can you believe it?” Cindy Brown

Self Employed

“I swear Death of the Desk has made me more pain-free than ever. I’ve had a “clicking” going in my hips, so I started doing your drills and it’s gone!” Zhaldee Sadie

Entrepreneur, Entertainer

“I wanted a change and that is what I go with Death of the Desk.  As a pilot I am constantly sitting down for flights.  DOTD has helped me make a healthier choices when I’m traveling for work.” Grant Hasting


Eliminate Pain

Simple actionable holistic tools to remove unwanted aches and pains for good.

Enjoy Good Health

Avoid the unhealthy behaviors that influence a weight gain, strains and stress.

Be Productive

A smarter health program produces deeper, efficient work and increases motivation.
Discover How Death of the Desk Changes Lives
When it comes to their health, many people are so stuck, they don't know where and how to begin. The Death of the Desk program helps people understand what their bodies need to feel optimal so they can begin fueling positive change physically, mentally and emotionally.
We know how hard it is to create change and have helped hundreds of people identify what feeds poor habits.  When you build awareness to the environmental cues shaping your situation, it’s easy to make better choices that create a healthy lifestyle.

We’ve spent a combined 20 years helping people restore their movement patterns.  Our simple, targeted movement breaks (2-minute drills) have proven to powerfully rehabilitate pain and injuries; dramatically enhancing the quality of life to hundreds.

In our membership training, you will: 1) Learn that pain comes in many different forms with multiple signals.  2) Completely understand why you hurt and how to assess it. 3)  Apply this education to control any environment and situation to feel AND perform your BEST.

Most importantly, you’ll begin to move your body the way it was designed so you can feel amazing and accomplish everything you WANT to do in life.

Billion dollars spent on Low Back Pain (LBP) conditions each year. It's the second leading cause of missed worktime behind the common cold.

Billion in workers comp claims from Musculoskeletal Injuries each year. Common causes include repetive strains, poor posture and awkward working conditions.

Average missed number of work days due to carpal tunnel and other hand/wrist related repetitive strain injuries. Lost productivity accounts for billions each year.

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Holiday Travel Mobility: Neck and Thoracic

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