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Free Guide: Fix Your Posture The Right Way

Learn the causes (and fixes) for better posture right now.

Do you ever feel like your body keeps falling apart?

Or you just can’t seem to kick those nagging injuries?

You know what I’m talking about.  You’re fed up and decide to do something about it…

You take some pain-killers…

You get therapy/treatment…

You start feeling a little better…

You’re planning your comeback


Then it happens…



You RE-INJURE yourself!

And so it begins…the mind games, inner dialogue and crazy thoughts we have running through our heads.  It’s that feeling of uncertainty that may sound like…

“What do I do now?”

“Is this just the way it is?”

“Will I ever be able to do _____ again?”

“Am I just ‘getting old’?”


A cascade of emotions ensues, affecting all parts of your life, including stress, sleep, work, relationships, mood and more.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.  You’re in the right place if…


You've spent countless hours and countless dollars on treatment, but are still in pain...


You know that your posture isn't great but you don't know how to fix it, or make it stick...


You think you have a grasp on "being healthy" but it's just not going as well as you'd like and injuries keep popping up...


You spend most of your day being sedentary and you can feel it's effects starting to creep in...


You want to be more active, but you just don't know where to start, who to trust and if it's even worth the effort...


You just want to feel the best you can, so you can do the things you WANT to in life...

Eliminate Pain

Simple actionable holistic tools to remove unwanted aches and pains for good.

Enjoy Good Health

Avoid the unhealthy behaviors that influence a weight gain, strains and stress.

Be Productive

A smarter health program produces deeper, efficient work and increases motivation.

“I have had lower back pain for 15 years at a pain level of 8-9 out of 10. I’ve worked with Chiropractors and done PT but my pain always came back. After working with Missy one time, my pain went down to a 3! Can you believe it?”

Cindy Brown

Self Employed

Introducing the DEATH OF THE DESK Program

The Death of the Desk program is your essential resource to take back your health.  This program is the education, training and support you need to feel amazing, so you can enjoy life.

This program enables you to:


Restore movement and mobility so you can enjoy a good quality of life, and do the things you love.


Eliminate nagging aches and pains that are stopping you from being productive.


FINALLY understand why you hurt, so you can take control of health.


Avoid the stress, sickness and pain that lead to burnout.

“I wanted a change and that is what I go with Death of the Desk.  As a pilot I am constantly sitting down for flights.  DOTD has helped me make a healthier choices when I’m traveling for work.”

Grant Hasting


“I swear Death of the Desk has made me more pain-free than ever. I’ve had a “clicking” going in my hips, so I started doing your drills and it’s gone!”

Zhaldee Sadie

Entrepreneur, Entertainer

What You’ll Get Inside Death of the Desk


Detailed Courses & Training

Access our full course library and attend our monthly live training webinars.

Extensive Video Exercise Library

Need some suggestions on what to do?  Great we have a library of exercises for that.

Exclusive Tools & Resources

Tools, downloads and recommended readings plus special workshop discounts.

Community Support

Communicate with fellow members for support, ideas and feedback on questions.

Here’s a peak at some of our instructional videos…


Daily Recharge: Ankle Tilts + Pinky 8s

In today’s Daily Recharge, we show you two simple, yet VERY powerful mobility exercises that target the ankles and hands.  The reason these exercise are so great is because they: With the ankle tilts, they aren't just an ankle mobilizer, they also help to alleviate...

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What Are You Arguing For?

You're either arguing for something or against something.  That is quite clear. Ryan, what are you talking about? I'm talking about your desire to make changes, and taking the necessary steps to accomplish your goals.  Whether you're trying to get out of pain, lose...

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Daily Recharge: Hip Circles + Shoulder 8s

In today's Daily Recharge, we show you two simple, yet VERY powerful mobility exercises that target the hips and shoulders.  The reason these exercise are so great is because they: They both work together - hips helps shoulders and vice versa Mobilize two areas that...

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4 Exercises to Relieve Eye Strain

If you spend any length of time staring at a screen or under fluorescent lights, then you've surely had to deal with eye strain.  More and more it's moving up into the top 3 complaints when we go into offices for training.  When the eye gets fatigued, it can cause a...

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Daily Recharge: Elbows + Knees

  In today's Daily Recharge, we show you two simple, yet VERY powerful mobility exercises that target the knees and elbows.  The reason these exercise are so great is because they: Knees and Elbows get the fault for a lot of pain. Generally if the elbows or knees...

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Pay Yourself First

No, I'm not doling out financial advice, but what I'm about to tell you can surely save you some money (or make you some money).   I look around and everyone's trying to get paid MORE money so they can buy MORE "stuff" or have a BIGGER house or just have NICER...

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Desk Athlete’s Essentials to Feel Amazing

Essential exercises and tools to maintain a healthy body

By the end of this course you’ll know why you experience aches, pain and discomfort, how to assess it for yourself and most importantly the basic strategies you can start to implement that specifically make you feel feel better right now

Taking Control of Your Plantar Fasciitis

A movement based approach eliminating pain and discomfort associated with Plantar Fasciitis and other foot related problems.

In this course, Master Trainer Missy Bunch teaches you how to master your Plantar Fasciitis the right way so you can do the things you want and love, while living a better life now!  This training will change your life!

Breathing 101: Less Stress, More Energy, Healthy Life

In this course you will learn how to assess your breathing, what potentially triggers poor breathing, exercises to improve breathing, how to troubleshoot and a program you can easily implement into your day to experience the benefits of better breathing, including sleep, weight loss, performance and more!

Sedentary Survival Guide: Delivered Weekly

Get weekly videos, tips and information, to survive your sedentary environment.

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