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A familiar scenario…

It’s 3pm and you are hunched over your computer to finish a sales project when you realize your eyes and neck hurt from staring at your computer screen; not to mention your lower back is killing you because you haven’t left your chair in 6 hours. You are stressed out, tired and under some pressure, which is a familiar scenario that plays out daily across the country. This kind of wear and tear on the body when left unattended, has the potential to cause a laundry list of health risks including chronic back pain, repetitive strain injuries, high blood pressure and obesity. These risks are accompanied by major expenses, depression and zapped energy…

If you’ve spent any length of time working at a desk then you can empathize. At some point a sedentary lifestyle is going to cause you to experience some sort of pain.  It’s not just the chair either, standing occupations and workstations have their own drawbacks too.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do when back pain or neck pain arrises.  What would your life be like on a daily basis if you had a go-to resource to stop these problems before they start?  What if you didn’t have to spend time, money and stress treating these? Death of the Desk is your online resource to fight the effects of any work environment.

We created DOTD because there was an obvious gap that needed to be filled. You’re not alone in your experience, but just remember…

You have ONE body, so why not take care of it before it’s too late!

About Missy

Dancing since the age of three, I developed my deep fascination with the human body at a very young age. I am a certified personal trainer and movement coach who has instructed countless boot camp classes, semi-private group classes, and private personal training clients.

After years of battling personal injuries, I was left feeling frustrated and hopeless; worried nothing else could be done to heal me. By fate, in 2010, I had a session with a Z-Health trainer and my knee pain was gone and never came back. I knew I wanted to teach this approach to the world.

So over the next several years I completed many courses, intense testing and training, to become one of the few master trainers in the world. The importance of brain function and using the nervous system to rapidly “debug” movement patterns, decrease pain and increase performance, has lead me to teach and create lightning-fast improvements with people from all walks of life. My specialties include injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, joint mobility and decreasing pain, holistically.

In the last several years my focus has shifted to traveling the country to teach the importance of movement to small and large companies, educating people on the human body as a whole integrated system.

About Ryan

I grew up being active, loved sports, loved being outside and continued as a collegiate athlete. It all unraveled when my athletic career came to an end and my college years began. Since I had stopped prioritizing movement and nutrition, my sedentary lifestyle had caused me to gain over 30 pounds thus finding myself out of breath climbing the stairs to my apartment.

The journey back wasn’t easy and I found that creating more sustainable lifestyle habits is much more productive than letting myself go; Knowing when to go hard, when to back off and frequently stopping to enjoy life.

My experience in my own personal struggles led me to dive back into the health and fitness world as a personal trainer, where I eventually co-founded Rebell Strength & Conditioning in Chicago (Lakeview). We have made it our mission to teach people how to move better, get stronger and train (workout) in a smart, sustainable way for lasting results.

Working on the front lines with people day in and day out helped shape a solid understanding of your struggles and solutions. We can all use a little more move a little better, get a little stronger, have a better brain-body connection and eat some quality foods.

My drive is to show people that they are good enough and capable enough to help themselves and is one of the building blocks for Death of the Desk. We have been taught that sitting and staying idle is the norm, unfortunately this is not the case but that is why Missy and I are here to keep you on track!

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