What Are You Arguing For?

What Are You Arguing For?

You’re either arguing for something or against something.  That is quite clear.

Ryan, what are you talking about?

I’m talking about your desire to make changes, and taking the necessary steps to accomplish your goals.  Whether you’re trying to get out of pain, lose weight, build a business or just be better at something, you’re actually consciously or unconsciously arguing for something.

We see this in our initial assessments with clients looking to make a change in their pain or performance.  Their either in a stage of contemplation where they realize there is a change that can be made or their in a planning stage preparing to take action because the pain or problem is too great to NOT make a change.

Being in contemplation is usually being ambivalent.  For changes to stick, ambivalence is not a healthy state to be in.  The idea of making changes is appealing, but the desire to actually do the work isn’t very high.  This is generally because there hasn’t been enough time spent in contemplation or just isn’t truly ready to make changes.

The motivation isn’t high enough to make a change.

The magic happens in the planning stage, where the desire is great and the need to make changes is apparent.  This is the stage we love to work with people in because they are arguing for the need to change.  Compliance with recommended suggestions is high and the results are really great.

Their motivation is very high to make a change.

The difference in readiness for change can be heard in the language being used.  For example, someone that comes in looking to get out of pain, that is currently in contemplation may say things like:

“I’d like to get out of pain” or “It’d be nice to be able to ______.”

You see there isn’t much sense of urgency to handle the problem therefore the priority of fixing the issue isn’t great.

Now let’s look at the same person who is ready to make a change.  They may say something like:

“I can’t continue being in this pain” or “I need to be able to _______ again.”

There is a strong emotion and connection to regaining something they’ve lost.  That is powerful medicine for change.

As you look at the areas of life you’d like to make changes in, where are you being ambivalent and where are you being sure?  I can almost guarantee the areas that you’re being hesitant, are the same areas that you aren’t getting the results you’d like.  Maybe you just aren’t ready, maybe you haven’t found downside of not making that change.  Either way, it’s ok as long as you understand why.

So, what are you arguing for? Or not arguing for?

Keep moving,


How to Win the Day – Each and Every Day

How to Win the Day – Each and Every Day

You know what I like?  NOT having bad days.

It’s annoying, throws of my game and quite frankly I could do without them.  Know what I mean?

Sure, it’s inevitable to have a perfect day each and every day otherwise it’d just be normal.  You’re going to spill that coffee, be late for that meeting and feel like life is working against you.

However, it’s completely possible to challenge this idea and create a new normal.  The mindset scale is tipped too far in the balance of negative expectations so it’s time to change your thinking and carpe diem the heck out of your days.

Carpe Diem – used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.

Avoiding the Allostatic Load in Your Life

Taking the steps to avoid chronic stress is something that has to be very deliberate.  If you aren’t making the effort to control this stress load in your life, you’ll begin moving down a path that is dangerous and irreversible.

Injury, pain and illness are just a few signs that you are following an unhealthy path and although these signs are serious, they are the lesser of the evils.  Heed the signs!

Heart Disease and Death are the serious repercussions to neglecting your health and stress.  Don’t let yourself get to this point.  We can’t bring you back from this.

Here are some steps to winning your days on a more regular basis:

Build Awareness

You can’t change what you aren’t aware of.  Make a list of things that bring you the most stress and turmoil in your life.  Having a picture in front of you can be very eye opening – literally.

Educate Yourself

Subscribe to blogs that talk about stress and mindset issues.  Read books on the topic, talk to friends about coping strategies.  Start to listen and learn about how your body responds to chronic stress.  More importantly, start understanding what makes you happy.

Make a Plan

Develop a strategy, or action plan.  How will you respond if x, y or z happens?  Is your plan easy to follow with strategies you are confident in executing?

Work the Plan

When your coffee spills on your shirt or your stuck behind that slow driver, what will you do?  Maybe it’s taking a 5 breathe break.  Maybe its positive affirmations.  It could always be worse right?  The big idea here is to keep your mind from going to places the make you smaller.

Are you sleeping enough to recharge your batteries?  Move your body, exercise, etc.  The plan can be as simple as taking a walk.  Whatever it is, make it work for you and not anyone else.

Stay Consistent

The more you work it, the easier it gets.  The plan won’t be perfect, you’ll forget or it won’t work at times….that’s ok.

Learn and adjust but just keep trying.  You’ll get it down and it will come easy.  I promise.

You’ll avoid burnout and win your day.

Bonus Tips to Help You Along Your Way

Stay hydrated – The benefits are endless.  Just drink more water.

Avoid electronics before bed – The blue light will disrupt your sleep.  You won’t recover as well.  Your chronic stress goes up.

Move often – Small movement throughout your day like stretching or mobility work are perfect ways to create positive change.

Breath practice –  Relaxed, deep breathing is extremely helpful to reduce your “fight or flight” response to stress.  Do it.

Work the steps, find your plan and win your day.


A Simple Way to Feel Better by Christmas?

A Simple Way to Feel Better by Christmas?

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is scrambling to meet quotas and deadlines before the year is up.  It’s also the time that when the year does turn, everyone starts scrambling to “get in shape”.  

Folks eagerly rush to the gym being met with crowded cardio machines and packed fitness classes only to see their momentum being halted after a month or so.  

This usually happens because they’ve bit off more than they can chew, succumb to injury, or just don”t experience the results they were seeking.

What really happens is that a lot of folks stop because:

  1. They’ve gone from zero days of exercise to 5-7 days of exercise.  This is usually too much too soon coupled with a lack of rest and recovery which leads to injury.
  2. Attending the gym or classes becomes too hard to maintain. The goal is too difficult and therefore is stopped for when there is “more time” or when the “schedule clears up”.
  3. Results aren’t coming fast enough and motivation dies.

Sound familiar?

What if I told you there’s an easier way.  It’s stress free, minimal and easy to follow?

What if I told you that you could feel better by Christmas (or the end of Hanukkah depending on your religion)?

Would you be interested?

Enter The One-Thing-Per-Day Program

The only real goal of this program is that you stay consistent.  Why?  Because consistency equals results.

Consistency is what got you to where you are.  Consistently staying sedentary decreased your ability to move well.  Consistently eating poorly caused the pounds to creep on and consistently experiencing chronic stress is the reason you breathe poorly.

Consistency with the appropriate strategies is how you slowly but steadily pull yourself back out of the health hole.

What will and won’t happen in this program…

What you’re NOT going to do is:

-Set goals that are too high for you to accomplish right now

-Perform exercises or tasks that require so much time that you can’t commit

-Overcomplicate the work that needs to be done

Those 3 things above work against you and will ultimately steal your confidence creating inconsistent behaviors.

What you ARE going to do is:

-Set 1 goal of just doing 1 thing everyday that makes you feel better

-Spend minimal time doing it

-Simplify the work so you’ll do it

Those 3 things above are significantly easier to accomplish while boosting your confidence and saving you time.

How this program works

There are 4 areas that we look at to ultimately feel your best.  Those areas are:





Each day, we’ll give you one area to focus on in different ways.  What this means for you is that you don’t have to really think, all you have to do is…do.

We’ve planned it all out for you, requires no extra tools or equipment.  Just do that ONE thing we laid out for you each day.  

You’ll get an email each day giving you instructions on what to do and how to do it.  

The ONLY thing we ask is that you just take the time to open your email, read the email and take the minimum amount of time to intentionally complete the task.  

That’s it.

So are you in?  Are you ready to feel better by Christmas or Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate?


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