Daily Recharge: Pelvis Tucks + Lateral Ribcage

by Sep 25, 2018Mobility

In today’s Daily Recharge, we show you two simple, yet VERY powerful mobility exercises that target the PELVIS and UPPER BACK.  The reason these exercise are so great is because they:

  • Are great for taking care of your spine
  • Reducing pain in the upper back and hips
  • Can help reduce symptoms of sciatica and neck pain
  • Overall just feel great to do

The best thing about them is that they only take a couple minutes to perform.  We highly recommend doing these 3-5 times per day for 2-minutes or whenever you feel like you need a break!

Cues to remember while doing any joint mobility sequence:

  1. Lengthen up tall, with your eyes forward.
  2. Neutral Spine and Hips as you perform the exercise.
  3. Always breathe in a relaxed, comfortable manner.
  4. Never move into pain.
  5. If painful, slow down and decrease range of motion.
  6. Quality over quantity.  That means, control the movement as best you can.

Need help?  Just reach out!


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