Taking Care of Yourself Shouldn't Feel Hard

You’re In The Right Place If…

You’ve spent countless hours and countless dollars seeking treatment but you are still in pain

You know that your posture isn’t great but you don’t know how to fix it or how to make it stick

You feel like you have a grasp on a healthier lifestyle but it’s just not going as well as you’d hoped and you’re running out of ideas on how to take care of your health the right way to avoid burnout…

If this sounds familiar, then you already understand how hard it is to get reliable information and support.

This is why we created Death of the Desk

It killed us to hear the horror stories about really great people so fed up and frustrated from:

Senseless surgeries providing no relief

Excessively Opioid prescriptions to mask the pain, ultimately causing addiction and further exacerbating the problem

Enduring therapy only to remain in the same condition as when you started…

Fortunately, you can stop worrying about that…

The DOTD Membership is Your Essential Resource For The Education, Training, Coaching and Support You Need To Eliminate Pain, Manage Stress and Feel Good, So You Can Enjoy In Life.

Being part of the DOTD Membership Site enables you to:

Restore movement and mobility, so you can enjoy a good quality of life and do the things you love.


Eliminate nagging aches and pains that are stopping you from being productive.


Finally understand why you hurt and take control of your health and happiness.


Delve into the knowledge and experiences of the community to learn how they avoid stress, sickness and burnout.

And much, much more…

I have had lower back pain for 15 years at a pain level of 8-9 out of 10. I’ve worked with Chiropractors and done PT but my pain always came back. After working with Missy one time, my pain went down to a 3! Can you believe it? Cindy Brown

Self Employed

I swear Death of the Desk has made me more pain-free than ever. I’ve had a “clicking” going in my hips, so I started doing your drills and it’s gone! Zhaldee S.

Entrepreneur, Entertainer

Here’s a summary of what you’ll get 

inside Death of the Desk:

In-Depth Courses

We have an extensive library of courses that provide training and education on practical ways to eliminate pain and disfunction in all areas of your body so you can enjoy feel your best.

Live Training

Regular LIVE training webinar calls to answer your toughest questions, while providing the coaching to perform at a high level while you navigate your sedentary and active environments both personally and professionally.

Supportive Community

Need some advice or support?  Our community can relate.  The DOTD members can help you stay on track, provide answers and feedback you need to stay accountable.

Quick Fixes

Do you need a quick fix on the go?  No problem.  Our library of “quick fixes” provides you instant relief to some of your common complains including: neck, shoulder and back pain, low energy and stress.

Coaching Feedback

Whether you are running a wellness program or need help for a specific issue, we can provide you with necessary feedback to solve those sticky problems. Reach out and we’d be happy to help!

Exclusive Resources

Get access to valueable member-only tools including our downloadable pdfs, guides, checklists as-well-as exclusive discounts on in-house workshops and more!
I wanted a change and that is what I go with Death of the Desk.  As a pilot I am constantly sitting down for flights.  DOTD has helped me make a healthier choices when I’m traveling for work. Grant H


Take A Look Inside The DOTD Membership

The membership site is loaded with resources and tools to master your health through the understanding of  mind, body and spirit.  These tools paint the WHOLE picture to functioning at a high level.

Courses cover a long list of strategies and techniques to relieve some of the most common ailments, including:

Death of the Desk came in at a perfect time for me. I really do love my job, but I would be a liar if I said I was not feeling the stress of the quarter coming to a close. I have had some pains shooting through my neck and back and some of the simple tricks (exercises) the team walked us through brought some instant and much needed relief. The part I loved most was the information about how our brains, when triggered properly, can unlock flexibility that we don’t even realize we have. As soon as class ended, I performed some of what I learned on other co-workers and then my wife the following morning! Cullen S.


A Little Background On Us…

Hi, we’re Ryan and Missy and we are here to move your sedentary world!

We have been a combined 20 years experience in the health industry helping people get out of pain, lose weight and get stronger.

As the health crises deepens, we’ve made it our mission to meet you where you are with the online courses and training to help you achieve the long-term results you desire.

When we aren’t helping living our mission, you can find us enjoying good food, travel and sunshine whenever we can!

30 Day Money Back-Guarantee

When you join the Death of the Desk membership site, you are protected by our 100% Statisfaction-Guarantee.  If you don’t feel like you’ve recieved value and decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, let us know and we’ll send you a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Below are some frequently asked questions:
I'm experiencing pain, will Death of the Desk help that?
Absolutely!  We always recommend consulting with your physician, but DOTD was designed to help folks relieve chronic pain associated with sedentary lifestyles and poor habits.  Targeted movement and mobility training is some of the best medicine for common ailments like, low back, shoulder and neck pain.  Our courses and programs are designed to walk you through that process to find the most optimal exercises and drills for pain relief.
I feel pretty good overall and exercise regularely, can DOTD still help me?
Yes, we work with people at all levels – from beginners to high-performing athletes to the elderly population.  Regardless of your level, there is information and training for you to boost your current state of health.  This is also preventative training so that if injury or pain to occur, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to restore yourself to a healthy state.
Is this like ergonomics?
No it’s not.  Ergonomics is the focus on designing your environment to be more comfortable, which can be beneficial to you in the short term, however we teach your body how to move the way it was designed to.  When you have the ability to move your body the way it was designed (sedentary conditions – standing or sitting take that away) you’ll have the capability of doing more of the activities you enjoy in life.  After all, we know you aren’t trying to be really good at sitting are you?
Is this a workout or exercise that will make me sweaty?
Although you may find some of the courses and programs challenging, they are not actual workouts or yoga.  Your body temperature may rise a little bit but you won’t get sweaty or need to change your clothes.  Quite often our members note experiencing a boost of energy, an increase of bloodflow and feeling much less stiff.  Don’t be surprised if your mood changes and you become happier!
Is the content (courses and programs) available straight away or do I have to wait?
Most of the courses and programs you’ll have full access to instantly when you sign-up.  Some of the more advance courses require you to finish a pre-requisite course first.  You’ll also have full access to enrolling in our live, monthly training webinars as well as the community.
Will you be adding more content, courses and programs or is everything there?
We are constantly adding, editing and updating content, courses and programs.  As more and more requests come-in on the problems you face, we develope those answers into usable content each month.  There will never be a shortage of useful tools at your disposal.
Can I get one-on-one help and coaching?
Not only can you ask questions and get support from our community; but we also host live webinars each month to dive deeper into common problems.  You have the ability to submit questions for our Q & A sessions as well as a feedback form if you need support on a particular issue.
Do you offer corporate memberships?
Yes, absolutley!  We work with quite a few businesses providing group rates for membership platform access.  We also offer in-house training (location permitting) and virtual workshops.  Contact us for more details.
What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?
Obviously we’d love everyone to stick around and reap the benefits of our expertise forever, but we’ve been coaching for a long time and know that’s never going to happen.  If you decide to cancel, we’ll be pretty sad and hope you reconsider but if you are set on leaving then you can do that with a couple clicks.
Can I access the content at Death of the Desk if I decide to cancel?
No, your membership entitles you to the use of the member’s area and all the courses, resources and community for the duration of your membership.  If you cancel or choose not to renew, you’ll no longer be able to access the member area.
If you have any concerns or questions that we haven’t answered above, feel free to contact us at info@deathofthedesk.com

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