Movement is Life: Strength Matters Podcast Recap

by | Dec 18, 2017

We had the pleasure of joining Josh Kennedy on the Strength Matters podcast the other day.  It was a lot of fun diving into the nuances of training the desk athlete and all the little things people who live a sedentary lifestyle can benefit from.  We shared with Josh how we got started in the industry, including how Death of the Desk evolved over the last 2 years, as well as some of our biggest challenges we face in this industry.

Missy and I were really excited to speak with Josh and Strength Matters because they are a company that shares a lot of similarities in our mission and a company that’s all about training the everyday athlete (that’s you).  If you get a chance, make sure to pick up a copy of their digital magazine and listen to a few of their podcasts.  Always pure gold information.

We talked about:

  • How much better of a bartender Ryan is than Tom Cruise – yep, he sure was a bartender way back when.
  • Death of the Desk’s mission – of course it’s about moving the sedentary world but it’s so much more than that!
  • How we got started – by chance?  Maybe, maybe not!
  • Breathing – It’s kind of important.
  • This thing called Mechanorception – Feels sooo good if you know how to use it.
  • Best positions to work other than sitting – Do you know the best position to work?
  • Some of our biggest challenges – there are always going to be challenges, but we enjoy it.

What I really love about our talk with Josh was geeking out about all things health.  He’s easy to talk to because he’s spent time in the trenches coaching, not to mention he’s an actor and fight choreographer.  Tons of great information in this podcast interview.  Make sure to subscribe to the Strength Matters Podcast to get access to the full episode.

Enjoy the recap!

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